Project planner

Your input will give me an insight into your specific needs, goals, passions and vision. This is also a chance for you to think about what you really want from your website. You don't have to answer every question, but the more information you can provide the better.

Alternatively, feel free to send me an email outlining your project.

Describe your business. What does your company do? What are the products and services you offer? What is your company's mission statement, vision, values, philosophy, reputation, etc.? Who is your target audience? Describe your potential customers. Consider their income, interests, age, location, gender, education, occupations, etc. What are some of the pain points, problems and fears your customers have? What are the main reasons customers will visit your site? eg: research product information, get contact details, ask questions about services, pricing How do you currently attract new customers? Who are your main competitors? What sets you apart from your competitors? What are your main reasons for needing a website and what should it achieve? Are there any specific features you will need? eg: news feed, pricing tables, social media buttons, online ordering / ecommerce, product catalog, photo gallery, events calendar, maps, etc Who will supply content for your site? Do you have any photos or graphics you would like to use? Do you have a logo? Will you need copywriting? Or if using existing copy, will it need to be modified in any way? Do you have any color preferences, existing brand colors, and/or colors you wish to include or avoid? Do you have any preferences for the overall style of the website? eg. dark, light, colourful, modern, corporate, casual, etc. List a few websites you like. Why are they attractive to you? What impression do you want to give? How should customers percieve your business? When do you want to get started? Do you have a launch date in mind? Do you have any additional comments, questions, or concerns?